For The Love of Flower Sugar Maison

Welcome To Pink Simplicity!

A place to share about all the things I love in life.


I love to spend time with my husband, my kiddos, and new grandson.


I love the color pink!


I love fabric.


I love to sew.


I love a great read.


I love to cook.


I love fresh cut flowers.


Pretty much in that order.

In essence, I love a quiet life, filled with the joy of the simple things that make it sweet!  Oh, and pink - did I mention I love anything Pink - both the color and the attitude ;)





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Gayle Murdock

Love the trailer, heart and the watering can blocks - can I buy them? or would you share?


How do I buy your apron pattern?

Kathy Engelman

Hello, I am desperate to purchase the cute cupcake and apron block patterns. Where can I do so? I am making a Vintage Farm Girl Quilt and would LOVE to include them.

Sandy Loyd

Am I doing something wrong? Every time I print the patterns, they are not full scale. I've tried the PDF as well. I love all four of your new ones, and finally managed to get the apron pattern up to correct size for 6" finished block. I had to increase scale of pattern to 133% but that hasn't solved the problem for other patterns.

Barbara Collins

I am unable to print the patterns to scale also?? can you tell me how to fix that? I wuld also like to include these patterns in my farm girl quilt. I also like the apron pattern yyou did that is diffrent from the apron pattern you included. How can I get that pattern? I am willing to purchase it if necessary. Thank you for sharing the other patterns. They are adorable.!

Margaret Magri

love your site and put my e-mail address in there again to make sure I continue to get your e-mails and your wonderful patterns. Congratulations on your new name I like the new name
hugs Maggie

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