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1930’s Fabric Love

I've been sewing with some fun 1930's reproduction prints by Darlene Zimmerman for Robert Kauffman. I always appreciate blogs that post photos of new fabric, so I can get a really good look at it before buying online, so I thought I'd share these with you in case you feel the same ;) – and also because it's just fun to look at pretty fabric ;)! These are prints from a line called "Penny's Pets" that I just love!

And, these cuties, are from her line called "Birds of Liberty" – super bright and cheery!

Back when I first started sewing (many moons ago), I had a real love affair with 30's prints, and sewed with them quite a bit! Then, I sort of fell out of love, and moved on to different fabrics! But, last year when I started sewing the Farm Girl quilts, well – I kind of fell back in love! Do you all do that? Fall in and out of love with fabric, then back in love again?
Hope you all are having a great week ;)!




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These are too fun! I'm sure your creations will be wonderful!! Can't wait to see!! 💕


Nice Fabrics.


Very colorful. I love it

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