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November 2015

Pretty Little Chair Cushions

I stitched up some pretty little cushions for the chairs in my sewing room


I made the patchwork for another project using all of my cutie patootie Tasha Noel fabric (Vintage Market, Country Girl, The Simple Life).  But, like happens sometimes, I didn't end up liking the patchwork for that project, but thought it would make some adorable little cushions for those very hard wood chairs!


Waste not, want not!  Just love how these little cuties turned out - and hours in the sewing chair are much more comfortable, too!



Milk, Flower, Sugar Binding Kit

I did a fun little Instagram swap with Moira, who lives in England!  One thing we exchanged was a Goody Goody Binding Kit


(you can find the tutorial on the Lella Boutique blog).  I decided to make one for practice before I made Moira's, mainly because I had never installed a zipper.  Behold the terror of your first zipper installation.


I had to get in touch with my can do spirit - I think I can, I think I can, and


I did!  And, like all new things that seem scary at first, I found out it wasn't that hard at all.  I decided to convert this one into an embroidery kit - it is perfect for holding all of my supplies.  I just love the Milk Flower Sugar fabric,


and it makes me smile every time I get it out to do some stitching.





He Never Promised Me A Rose Garden

It's true, he never promised me a rose garden, but my husband and son built me one anyway!


It all started with my son bringing me home a rose bush he thought I'd like,


then my husband bought several more, and they went to work



and this lucky girl now has a pretty little pink rose garden!