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Baked With Love – Free Pattern

Eek! I couldn't be more excited about posting my first pattern here on Pink Simplicity!


Meet "Baked With Love" – a fun little hot pad pattern for you all to enjoy.

For those of you who are still working on your Vintage Farm Girl Quilts, the block is 6" finished so you can use it in your quilt if you'd like.


You can download the PDF Pattern: HERE!

I do hope you enjoy sewing up a bit of baking love ;).




For the Love of Aprons!

It's no secret – I love aprons! I've sewn several of them. 


And they too, like the other things I love, are hanging up in the house to add warmth to our cottage décor!

So, I just had to design a vintage apron to put in our farm girl quilts, because what says Vintage Farm Girl, like a cute little apron with 30's floral prints and gingham?

This is Katie's apron!

And, this one is going in my quilt.

Thought I'd share a little apron goodness from around the house with you all.

My cherry and red gingham apron – hanging in the kitchen!

My sewing apron – hanging on my craft room door!

And, this darling little tea towel apron that hangs on my craft room closet door (I didn't make this one –but it was so darn cute, I couldn't resist buying it ;)



Vintage Sewing Machine Block – Sew Fun

Okay really! Somebody stop me! I'm having too much fun with this Vintage Farm Girl quilt, and designing and sewing up new blocks!


I mean the options for fun blocks to add are almost endless ;)

Sewing is such a huge part of my life – I just had to draw up a fun little vintage sewing machine block!

Too fun, right? It was so fun to sew – I can't wait to see it in the quilt with all of the other fun blocks.

I'm thinking Kate's quilt will need one of these cuties, too ;)



Strawberry Cream Pie Block

True story


I love baking pies almost as much as I love eating them!


I love desserts – period. But, pies are one of my favorites!

So, I just had to draw up this little Strawberry Cream Pie block to go in my now "urban" Vintage Farm Girl" quilt! My real rolling pin has red handles, but since I'm trying to make my quilt with softer colors, I opted for this light blue recipe print from "Bake Sale" by Lori Holt!

I'm loving how it turned out – makes me want to go bake some pie ;)



Presidential Inauguration – Oh What A Night!!!

I really can't believe that we are all going to the Presidential Inauguration you guys! I mean seriously-this kid amazes me ;)

Here we are, all ready to go – my husband and I, with the President Elect, our son Alec! And, we are just super excited for him, and super excited to get to be there with him.

Oh, My Guys look so handsome – all dressed up in their suits! And, it's not often that an occasion calls for a new dress, but this one did!

This dress will now forever be known as my "Inauguration Address"!

This is the front and back of the cards laying at each place setting at the dinner.

Now you all are in on the little puns I make about "my Guys" ;)! Our last name is Guy, so for all practical intents and purposes, they are My Guys, and I'm one of the Guys, too (a very girly Guy, but a Guy nonetheless ;)

Here we are at the dinner, before his swearing in and Inaugural Address! He's a little nervous about giving his speech here, but take it from his mom, he did a great job.

Here he is taking his Oath of Office and being sworn in as The President of the Student Body of Missouri Western State University.

And, a surprise we hadn't anticipated! It was also an Awards Banquet, and he was awarded the Dean Hoff Outstanding Achievement Award for showing outstanding achievement and excelling in academics and extracurricular activities.

As you can imagine, the smiles on his dad's face and mine were just as big as his ;)

Oh, what an amazing night it was! And, after all the excitement and hubbub, here he is! Our son! Whom I now affectionately refer to as Mr. President, back to business as usual – catching up on a bit of homework on the couch!



Tate Makes Weekends Fun!

Last weekend, we got to watch our grandson, Tate, for the whole weekend, and we had an absolute ball with him. It was his first time spending the night away from home! His mom and I were both a bit worried, but he did just great!

Here he is helping me peel potatoes!

Helping to do some yard work ;)

playing a little Xbox

Or at least he thinks he's playing (it's not actually on and the controller isn't hooked up ;)

and all worn out from so much playing and I think Alexa playing Rockabye Baby helped!  I was asking for the song, but she started shuffling the group Rockabye Baby -who has converted tons of our old popular music (U2, Elton John, Journey . . .) to instrumental (no lyrics) lullabies.  So, my husband and I had fun playing name that tune over the weekend!  It really is lovely, soothing music for both big and little ones ;) 

And, so happy that some mail came just for him ;)

Here he is helping Poppy shave!

And brushing his teeth!

Ah – fresh and clean, after a bath!

And napping with lots of Nona's quilty love!

I missed him so much after the kids picked him up – can't wait for their next weekend away ;)!



Vintage Farm Girl – Having So Much Fun

Oh my gosh –


I've been having SO much fun with the Vintage Farm Girl Quilt!


 I started out making two of all of my favorite blocks – not really sure what I'd do with the extra 9" blocks at the time (doing mine in 9 inchers ;)!


Well, as I showed all these darling blocks to my daughter, Kate, she just loved them! She and her husband have some farm ground, and they're hoping to eventually leave nursing and farm full-time!

Kismet, I say ;) – what a perfect gift for her for Mother's Day this year – a Vintage Farm Girl quilt! She loves all the "farmy" things (like the barn and animals) so they're all going into her quilt!

Which meant, I needed a few extra blocks to put back in my quilt which has sort of become what I'm calling an "Urban Vintage Farm Girl" quilt!

I really like to personalize my quilts, and I've had a ball designing some fun blocks for this one! I changed my patchwork quilt block to a patchwork heart – because it really is the heart of love behind all the cooking, canning, ya know the work we do that gives it meaning and joy and makes the ride worthwhile. And, also – I am an incurable romantic ;)!

Books are such a big part of my life! I mean I love books almost as much as I love fabric, maybe more on some days! I love all kinds of books – recipe books, sewing books, spiritual books, fun – take you away for a day fiction books, decorating books! I decorate with books all over the house – stacks with something cute on top – very fun cottage décor! So, I knew my quilt wouldn't be complete without a stack of books in there!

And, neither of our quilts would be complete without cake!

For Kate's quilt, because she decorates the most beautiful cakes! We took a cake decorating class together a few years back and she's amazing at it! Me, eh, not so much –

but, I do love to EAT cake! So, my quilt needed some cakey goodness, too ;)!



Vintage Dishes in Princess Rose

Did you know that scientists have isolated the gene in women who start, and actually finish, one quilt project before they start another one?


Ya - I didn't get it!

I've been dying to make this "Vintage Dishes" quilt by Bee In My Bonnet, and have been thinking this gorgeous Princess Rose fabric by Lecien would be darling for it!  Have you all seen the Greeengate dishes?  They have a gorgeous mix of florals, ginghams, and polka dots.  I don't have any, but I love them.  So, that was the idea behind this combo of Princess Rose and Vintage dishes.

Here's my test set of blocks! I think this blue is a little too dark, but other than that, it's exactly what I was hoping for – sort of a Greengate, gorgeous mix of floral and gingham. And, in some future dish sets, I'll have floral and polka dots!

Yup, pretty, Greengate looking china – but, in quilty goodness! It doesn't get much better than that. 



Fun Fabric Finds!

Okay, I promised I'd be back with my fabric finds in Hamilton, and here they are. First up is my very favorite of the day


Have you all seen this? It's "Boujelais" by Riley Black, and it's absolutely gorgeous! So pretty, it went into a display bin ;)!

I looked up the term, and Beaujolais is a region in France and also the name for a dry, fruity red wine – yum! I have a design in mind for this, and can't wait to sew with it!

Also a favorite of the day

"Winter Wonderland" by Camelot! I'm thinking this will make a darling quilt and pillow covers for January

I mean come on – look at these darling polar bears! And, BE STILL, my ever-pink-loving heart

a PINK snowflake print to go with all those adorable woodland creatures! I can't wait to sew and have designs in mind for this fabric, too!

And, just because you can never have enough of those bright and cheery 30's prints, well

and, last but certainly not least was the new "Mama Said So" by Sweetwater!

I love their fabric. I'm making a quilt for my husband with several lines from Sweetwater now! Oh, and I got in this year on their personalized quilt blocks that will go with the "Cookie Exchange" fabric! Now, I can use the leftovers and these fun sewing prints to make a quilt for me to match his ;)!!

Another HUGE thanks to my wonderful husband for buying me all of these lovely fabrics!  I'm blessed beyond words to be his wife ;)



Road Trip to Quilt Town USA

I'm the luckiest girl on the fay-fay-face of the earth-earth-earth-earth! I think Lou Gehrig was talking baseball, but I'm talking about being married to this man

He took Friday afternoon off from work to take me on a little road trip

to the Quilting Mecca of the World

Missouri Star Quilt Company!

We had lunch at Mama Hawk's Bakery

Yum! She had tons of funny things hanging in her little bakery, like this cute sign ;)

We also stopped at Tammy's Flowers and The Farm House, and saw lots of cute things, before with hit the fabric shops!

And, I feel bad about this, but seriously girls, once we got into the fabric shops, I was so lost in fabric and shopping that I completely forgot to take pictures. There are 12 different shops (basics, seasonal, floral, retro . . .). I'll try to go back and get pictures for ya! But, it was more fabric than I'd ever seen in one place at one time – and it was a little slice of heaven!

Then, my amazing husband took me for some fine dining in Hamilton! Yes, small Missouri town, Hamilton, has an incredible restaurant called The Blue Sage

we had the Antipasto for an appetizer,

side salad – oh my!

and the Lobster & Artichoke Stuffed Salmon for dinner! We were so full, we had to get dessert to go!

It was a super fun day! I'm so lucky to be Mrs. Guy, and can't thank my husband enough for taking me!

Back soon with pictures of my fabric finds ;)!