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Presidential Inauguration – Oh What A Night!!!

I really can't believe that we are all going to the Presidential Inauguration you guys! I mean seriously-this kid amazes me ;)

Here we are, all ready to go – my husband and I, with the President Elect, our son Alec! And, we are just super excited for him, and super excited to get to be there with him.

Oh, My Guys look so handsome – all dressed up in their suits! And, it's not often that an occasion calls for a new dress, but this one did!

This dress will now forever be known as my "Inauguration Address"!

This is the front and back of the cards laying at each place setting at the dinner.

Now you all are in on the little puns I make about "my Guys" ;)! Our last name is Guy, so for all practical intents and purposes, they are My Guys, and I'm one of the Guys, too (a very girly Guy, but a Guy nonetheless ;)

Here we are at the dinner, before his swearing in and Inaugural Address! He's a little nervous about giving his speech here, but take it from his mom, he did a great job.

Here he is taking his Oath of Office and being sworn in as The President of the Student Body of Missouri Western State University.

And, a surprise we hadn't anticipated! It was also an Awards Banquet, and he was awarded the Dean Hoff Outstanding Achievement Award for showing outstanding achievement and excelling in academics and extracurricular activities.

As you can imagine, the smiles on his dad's face and mine were just as big as his ;)

Oh, what an amazing night it was! And, after all the excitement and hubbub, here he is! Our son! Whom I now affectionately refer to as Mr. President, back to business as usual – catching up on a bit of homework on the couch!




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