Vintage Farm Girl – Having So Much Fun
Presidential Inauguration – Oh What A Night!!!

Tate Makes Weekends Fun!

Last weekend, we got to watch our grandson, Tate, for the whole weekend, and we had an absolute ball with him. It was his first time spending the night away from home! His mom and I were both a bit worried, but he did just great!

Here he is helping me peel potatoes!

Helping to do some yard work ;)

playing a little Xbox

Or at least he thinks he's playing (it's not actually on and the controller isn't hooked up ;)

and all worn out from so much playing and I think Alexa playing Rockabye Baby helped!  I was asking for the song, but she started shuffling the group Rockabye Baby -who has converted tons of our old popular music (U2, Elton John, Journey . . .) to instrumental (no lyrics) lullabies.  So, my husband and I had fun playing name that tune over the weekend!  It really is lovely, soothing music for both big and little ones ;) 

And, so happy that some mail came just for him ;)

Here he is helping Poppy shave!

And brushing his teeth!

Ah – fresh and clean, after a bath!

And napping with lots of Nona's quilty love!

I missed him so much after the kids picked him up – can't wait for their next weekend away ;)!




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