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Vintage Farm Girl – Having So Much Fun

Oh my gosh –


I've been having SO much fun with the Vintage Farm Girl Quilt!


 I started out making two of all of my favorite blocks – not really sure what I'd do with the extra 9" blocks at the time (doing mine in 9 inchers ;)!


Well, as I showed all these darling blocks to my daughter, Kate, she just loved them! She and her husband have some farm ground, and they're hoping to eventually leave nursing and farm full-time!

Kismet, I say ;) – what a perfect gift for her for Mother's Day this year – a Vintage Farm Girl quilt! She loves all the "farmy" things (like the barn and animals) so they're all going into her quilt!

Which meant, I needed a few extra blocks to put back in my quilt which has sort of become what I'm calling an "Urban Vintage Farm Girl" quilt!

I really like to personalize my quilts, and I've had a ball designing some fun blocks for this one! I changed my patchwork quilt block to a patchwork heart – because it really is the heart of love behind all the cooking, canning, ya know the work we do that gives it meaning and joy and makes the ride worthwhile. And, also – I am an incurable romantic ;)!

Books are such a big part of my life! I mean I love books almost as much as I love fabric, maybe more on some days! I love all kinds of books – recipe books, sewing books, spiritual books, fun – take you away for a day fiction books, decorating books! I decorate with books all over the house – stacks with something cute on top – very fun cottage décor! So, I knew my quilt wouldn't be complete without a stack of books in there!

And, neither of our quilts would be complete without cake!

For Kate's quilt, because she decorates the most beautiful cakes! We took a cake decorating class together a few years back and she's amazing at it! Me, eh, not so much –

but, I do love to EAT cake! So, my quilt needed some cakey goodness, too ;)!




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Chris Mott

I am in love with the mixers and the books. My best friend is a librarian and this block would be adorable to make her.

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