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Farm Girl Blocks Finished – Well, Maybe?

Here are the last couple of blocks I designed for my Farm Girl Quilt. And, they also happen to be my very last two Farm Girl blocks!

I love gardening, so I thought a watering can and garden spade would be the perfect block to add to my quilt. This one took quite a bit of work in EQ7, but I finally got it just the way I hoped it would look in my head ;)

And, we love camping – so, this quilt really needed a fun little camper block

I'm super happy – I mean I love these quilts ;) But, I'm a little sad, too. I really can't remember having so much fun piecing blocks for a quilt. And, I've been working on this for nearly a year, and well – I get a little sentimental about these things!

Here it is all laid out, ready for numbers and sashing!

Yup, I'm really going to miss Farm Girling! I may have to do just one more row – because Katie really needs one of those watering can blocks ;)




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Chris Mott

If you come out with a pattern for your watering can and shovel, let me know. This reminds me of my mom and would be a great edition. thanks, christine

Chris Mott

You did an awesome job, and I love how you made it your own.


I would love for you to make a pattern for both of these! I was just telling my mom the other day I really wish there was a camper. And I LOVE the watering can and spade because I'm a flower fanatic. And thank you so much for the sewing machine, I will definitely be adding that to my quilt!


So super cute! You are one talented gal!!

Jan Hobbs

Are your patterns available?


Is the watering can pattern available? It is adorable!


Love love love. Are your patterns available?

Chryl DeSautel

I love your designs!!! The Camper, The Sewing Machine and The Watering Can!! Are your patterns available? I would love to make them!

Chryl DeSautel :) :)


I love your watering can and spade, do you have a pattern for this block? All of your blocks look wonderful!


I love your additional patterns to the farm girl quilt!! They are adorable!! Are they patterns you share? I would love to make them! :)

Tanya Harrison

Love love love the watering can and spade! Would love to make it

Lynne McMinn

I would love to have your camper pattern. It's so cute!!!

Krysti Davidson

I love your camper. Can you please share your pattern with me?


i love your quilt designs and the fabric you chose. i am such a fan of lori holt!

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