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“Something Good” In The Works

I'm having such fun working on the patterns for the blocks I designed for our Farm Girl Quilts

and I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all my Instagram friends who asked for patterns. I was just having fun creating for Kate and I, and had no plans to do patterns for these.

But, I'm so grateful you asked. When I get all happy working on these, I just keep thinking – if they wouldn't have asked, I'd have just put these in our quilts and forgotten about it – and I'd have missed out on all this fun. I'd have missed out getting to share the patterns with you all, and I'd have missed out on getting all giddy about making these cute things for our home.

So, really, thank you ladies ;)!

And, I want to also say a BIG THANK YOU to my quilty friend Marilyn (you can find her on Instagram @marimom19 , and you should her Farm Girl Quilt is turning out super cute), who made the most ADORABLE version of my "Baked With Love" pattern!

Isn't it just darling? I mean talk about joy and happy dance! Seeing someone else have fun making these – well, I was over the top excited. I like this one better than my version – everything just shows up better without the ric rac, so I'm super happy the Marilyn made it her own ;)! Thank you sweet friend ;)!!!

Now, those cupcakes are the first block that happened in reverse – I drew it up for a pattern I'm working on with the apron blocks

and I sort of fell in love with them. So, I made a little larger batch of cupcakes to add to my Farm Girl quilt.

I'm super excited about this next pattern – more excited (if that's even possible) than I've been about the other two.

It will include two blocks you can use for your Farm Girl Quilts - cupcakes and apons!  Can it get any more fun that that ;0)??   I have the cutting instructions written, so I'm ready to cut, sew, and take those step by step photographs. I really hope you all will enjoy this one – because I wouldn't even have the joy of making this if it weren't for all of you – so really, thank you  ladies ;)!


Cookie Exchange Christmas Quilt

Okay, this is another Christmas quilt that I'm super excited about! It is made with this darling

"Cookie Exchange" fabric. And, the ladies at Sweetwater have created some adorable custom embroidery blocks. They did this last year, and I was so disappointed that I missed out.

But, I'm super excited to be part of this new one-with this darling fabric. The custom blocks are shipping sometime in June. I will be sure to post as soon as they arrive!

It's going to be a pretty Christmas here at "The Guy" household – assuming I get all my sewing done ;)!



Good Things

Books and fresh cut flowers – they are two of my favorite things. Our peonies are in bloom

and I managed to get three vases full on this cut. There are several that haven't bloomed yet, so I'm hoping to get a few more vases before summer. They make such pretty bouquets, and truly make a whole room smell heavenly. They do come with a few ants, but they're so worth it!

And, I have some great spring reading on tap this year.

Last summer, I read, more like savored "Gone With the Wind" by Margaret Mitchell. It was amazing, and now I know why it's considered a classic ;).

I'm only about a hundred pages in on this book,

but I'm really enjoying it.

If you like historical fiction, you'll like this one. Oh, and if you have any good book recommendations, please share. I'm always on the lookout for a good read ;).



You Sew Girl – Free Pattern

I am super excited to share my latest pattern

"You Sew Girl" with you all! It's a fun little pillow for your sewing space. The pillow cover fits a 12" pillow form, and the center sewing machine block is 6" finished for those of you who wanted to make it for your Farm Girl Quilts!

You can download the PDF Pattern HERE!

I made one in blue for Katie

and one in pink for my sewing room.

I used a combo of "Bloom and Bliss" and "Backyard Roses" by Ellis and Higgs for Riley Blake! What can I say – this fabric is so, so pretty, and was really fun to sew with!

I love it so much, that I wrapped some of my antique spools in the scraps, and filled my berry container with them to set them out in my sewing room ;)!

It goes perfect with my little pillow ;)

Hope you enjoy making this sweet little sewing machine block and pillow.



Cozy Christmas Quilt Along Here I Come!

What's a girl to do when she's finished all of her Farm Girl blocks, and is feeling a little blue? Well, she starts getting all of her fabric together for the next super fun quilt along! I can't wait to start this fun Cozy Christmas quilt in August!

Here are my very favorite prints from the line!

I think I'm all ready to go ;)!

Those are my background, borders, and binding fabric (oh and a little brown for the gingerbread man and house ;)! And, aren't these Sew Simple Shapes just darling!

Oh, I can hardly wait ;)!



My Sentiments Exactly!

Oh, I love you Missouri Star Quilt Company ;)!

My husband shot a picture of this while I was getting some Bloom and Bliss fabric cut to finish up my "You Sew Girl" pattern on a lightning fast trip to Hamilton! They have fun little signs like this all over their shops!

And, well, my husband shot this picture, and showed it to me laughing, because I almost never follow an entire pattern. And, I was like "Yes, Yes! They totally get me ;)!!

I start out thinking I'll do the pattern as it is, but then when I get to sewing, my creative juices get to flowing, and my sentimental heart gets all involved … and I go to him and say "hey, wouldn't this be cute if I added this block, because ya know, that's so us?", or "wouldn't it be fun if I changed it and did this instead?"

Quilts really are such personal things, such works of the heart! So, my philosophy of quilting would be this - "Put Your Heart Into It and Make It Yours".   If changing something gives it more heart or meaning or joy or cuteness for you or the person you're making it for – do it ;)!  Yes!  Yes!  A pattern is only a suggestion ;)!

I got a few more shots of some of the shops for you all

the Licensed fabric shop

Kids and Baby Shop

The Sew Seasonal Shop – one of my favorites along with the Florals Shop and the Reproductions Shop, this one has all of their holiday fabric!

I even got to see Jenny doing a Meet and Greet in the Basics shop ;)! This one is housed in the original JC Penney building – ya, J.C. Penney's started out in little ole Hamilton, Missouri!

Another favorite quote from Jenny is this: "Finished is better than perfect!" So true Jenny ;)!



Farm Girl Blocks Finished – Well, Maybe?

Here are the last couple of blocks I designed for my Farm Girl Quilt. And, they also happen to be my very last two Farm Girl blocks!

I love gardening, so I thought a watering can and garden spade would be the perfect block to add to my quilt. This one took quite a bit of work in EQ7, but I finally got it just the way I hoped it would look in my head ;)

And, we love camping – so, this quilt really needed a fun little camper block

I'm super happy – I mean I love these quilts ;) But, I'm a little sad, too. I really can't remember having so much fun piecing blocks for a quilt. And, I've been working on this for nearly a year, and well – I get a little sentimental about these things!

Here it is all laid out, ready for numbers and sashing!

Yup, I'm really going to miss Farm Girling! I may have to do just one more row – because Katie really needs one of those watering can blocks ;)



More Farm Girl Fun

Oh, this Farm Girling business is so much fun!  I've finished the blocks for Katie's quilt.

I think the cow is her favorite, and when she saw my sewing machine, she asked me to make one for her quilt! She loves to garden, and cans salsa with her tomatoes! And, what else can I say, but the girl loves corn! It's her favorite vegetable.

Here is her quilt all laid out, and ready for numbering and sashing!

Hope she loves it as much as I do ;)