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His & Her Quilts

This was so much fun you guys! I made His and Her Quilts for my husband and me, and oh my gosh – we love them.

It was a sentimental journey for me, making these quilts. We've been together for 25 years, and married for a little over 23. In a way, we've really grown up together – and we've become so much alike. So, it was a reflection on all of the ways in which we are the same – not just the human things like experiencing joy and sadness, love and fear, but more so, how we've really grown together as one. We've developed the same values and beliefs about what's truly important in life. We love our home, and do our remodeling projects together. We love to travel and experience new things together. We love going camping and getting out into nature. We are total foodies – we love to try new cuisines, and we love to cook together – and watch cooking shows together . . . . And, so these quilts are a reflection of the oneness, the sameness that we share. I used the same pattern design I created in EQ6, I used the same scrappy patchwork and scrappy binding. I even quilted them with the same quilting pantograph (Hearts Aflutter).

Yet, with all the sameness, we are also as different as night and day. As different as

Minnick & Simpson woven fabrics by Moda, and

Flower Sugar fabric by Lecien. We have different personalities – he's a guardian and I'm an idealist, I'm more optimistic, and he's more pessimistic. He's more strong willed, and I'm more of a softy. He loves dirt bikes and power tools, I love sewing and fabric. He's a socks and shoes wearing, ordered, scheduled person. I'm a barefoot, unscheduled, free spirit type. I'm flighty and he's grounded. He brings most of the roots and foundation to this marriage, I bring the wings and lots of adventure. Making these quilts made me really appreciate how both our similarities and our differences have really enhanced our lives.

This really was such a fun project – I might even do it again someday. But, in the meantime, these quilts are going to get a lot of use because (so very similar, yet so very different)

no big surprise – he loves his, and I love mine!




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Carol Broughton

Hi Kelly,
Your quilts are gorgeous and what a treasure! I love the idea of making his and hers quilts out of the same pattern but different fabrics. I wish I could have met up with you when you were in Florida as I live near Orlando. Maybe next time. Glad that you are blogging again.

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