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St. Patrick’s Day – Family Style

Filled with Excitement and Joy for Both Our Kids!

We truly are just over-flowing with joy and excitement for both of our kids!

I just keep thinking about that line in one of my favorite movies, "The Story of Us", where Katie says "First there were no people there, and then there were people. And, and they grew."

It's still hard for us to believe our kids are grown (really doesn't seem like that long ago that they were little). And, it has been one of the greatest joys of our life, watching them grow into adults. Of course, we didn't know when they were little how their personalities would develop, what career they would choose, or who they would marry and who our grandkids would be . . . . It all seems to have unfolded really slowly over the years, and yet it's passed by at the speed of light at the same time. And, this past week was a big one for both of them!

Our son, Alec, had his interview for admission to UMKC School of Law last Tuesday – and he's in! They accepted him at the interview! This is no easy task (only 57% of those who apply are accepted), and he's one of them. He's worked extremely hard for this, and we are elated for him, and so proud of him.

And, then, there's our Katie Bug! She's an amazing mom, and she's always doing fun activities with the kids. Parenting is really hard work, and somehow Kate just does it with a grace and ease, and we are super proud of her, too! She's expecting our third grandchild, and she had the reveal party on Wednesday! She had Landon (with a little help from Tate) hit a ball filled with

pink sand that sprayed out to announce – IT'S A GIRL! We would have been happy with either, but given that we already have two awesome grandsons, we are really excited to welcome a Baby Girl to our family!

So, a big congratulations to our two amazing and wonderful kids! And, a big thank you to them too, for all of the love, excitement, fun and joy they continue to bring to our lives ;)!




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