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“Happy Campers” – Free Pattern

“Garden Thyme” Block – Free Pattern

Yay! It's here :) - the Garden Thyme block that was the most requested (second to the apron pattern) by you lovely ladies.

First, I want to thank you all for liking and requesting these patterns. It makes my heart smile that you would want to include something I've drawn and sewn in your very own quilts. Really, thank you.

And, second, let me say that I'm so sorry it has taken me so long to get these patterns to you all – like many of you, I'm a busy wife, mom, grandma and homemaker, and my sewing time is limited. And, I don't know why I didn't think of this earlier, but a big thank you to the "Happy Flowers" quilt book for giving me the idea to simply share the templates and block diagrams.

Otherwise, it might be another year or two before I had the chance to cut, sew, take step by step photos, and write all of these patterns.

Without further ado, you can download the PDF pattern templates and block diagram for "Garden Thyme" HERE!

I hope you enjoy this pattern – and if you make it, I hope you'll e-mail me a picture or tag me on Instagram so that I can see your darling blocks!



P.S. Here are a few tips to make sewing these blocks a little easier:

1.    The dark black lines on the templates are your sewing lines, so do not cut your templates or fabric on these. The lighter, outside gray lines are the cutting lines.

2.    Take your time in neatly cutting out your templates and fabric (it will make all of the difference). I like to use freezer paper templates for accuracy – see my "Vintage Apron Pattern" for details.

3.    Study the diagram and break the block down into sections to sew.

4.    Many of these patterns have "wonky" angles and they were originally designed for a larger sized block for Kate's and my Farm Girl quilts, making them much more challenging in these smaller versions. So, just have fun with these and don't worry about perfection (I promise they'll still be super cute ;).


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Sandy Loyd

Am I doing something wrong? When I print the patterns they are not to scale. I finally got the apron pattern scaled up for a 6" finished block, but I had to increase it 133%. I've tried to do the same with the Camper and Watering Can but it hasn't worked for me. Then it's too big. I printed a PDF and it still wasn't to scale. What do I need to do?

Cathy Tomm

Wow thank you for doing a free pattern for this block. I am off to print it.


do you have this for the 12 inch block?

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