“Garden Thyme” Block – Free Pattern
Patchwork Cupcake – Free Pattern

“Happy Campers” – Free Pattern

Here it is - the "Happy Campers" block for all of you girls who love camping like we do ;)!

This is a really fun block to make – I loved picking out fabrics for the grass and flowers (and curtains. too). In case you're wondering, my husband vetoed the pink polka dot curtains for our real camper – they're just not cricket for when he takes the camper with the guys J! But, at least I got to use them here, and I did make some really pretty curtains for our camper with Flower Sugar fabric!

You can download the PDF block diagram and templates for "Happy Camper" HERE!

I hope you enjoy this pattern girls! And, if you make it, I hope you'll send me a picture or tag me on Instagram so I can see your fun little campers!



P.S. Here are a few tips to make sewing these blocks a little easier:

1.     The dark black lines on the templates are your sewing lines, so do not cut your templates or fabric on these. The lighter, outside gray lines are the cutting lines.

2.    Take your time in neatly cutting out your templates and fabric (it will make all of the difference). I like to use freezer paper templates for accuracy – see my "Vintage Apron Pattern" for details.

3.    Study the diagram and break the block down into sections to sew.

4.    Many of these patterns have "wonky" angles and they were originally designed for a larger sized block for Kate's and my Farm Girl quilts, making them much more challenging in these smaller versions. So, just have fun with these and don't worry about perfection (I promise they'll still be super cute ;).


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