Our Life In Pictures – April 20 – 26, 2017

Fleurs, Gurnsey & Cheery Solids

How was your week ladies? Is it in the air, or just in the Show Me State, or all in the family here? It was crazy for all of us. Our son has finals and a thirty page paper on Partisanship and Incarceration Rates due today (fascinating, huh ;), our daughter is working on fixing up their house and stressed (but also excited), my husband's busy season at work has kicked in and he's got too much on his plate (owning your own business isn't always all it's cracked up to be), meanwhile I'm adjusting to spending more time here blogging, creating new patterns and such (which is so much fun ;), but it is an adjustment time-wise! And, in the middle of it all, since I had half my stash out for this project (okay not ½, but a lot of it), I decided to reorganize my sewing room

(it really was a mess).

I wish I was one of those calm, neat orderly types who gets one fabric out at a time (or even just a few), cuts and folds them neatly and puts them back, but alas – I am me, and when inspiration strikes the fabric and thread start flying, and things get messy (FAST)!

I'm still working on that new project (I'm SEW excited about this one), but, not much sewing to show you yet, so I thought I'd share some new fabric that I've added to the stash over the last few months. I love really soft, pastel, romantic cottage-y type fabric. And, Brenda Riddle, well, she designs some of the prettiest ones out there:

Meet "Fleurs"

and "Gurnsey"

Aren't they pretty? And, I also added some basics to the stash ( I'll need these for the new projects I'm planning for this year)

this is the Lori Holt solids bundle, and

this is the Vintage Crayola solids bundle by Riley Blake. It's cloudy here today, so the photos don't really do them justice, but they're bright, cheery, and prettier than I expected for just solids ;)! Well, I better get back to cleaning.

Hope you all have a great weekend!




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Margaret Magri

love your fabrics and your patterns congratulation on your new name and keep me on your newsletters
thanks hugs

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