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Our Life In Pictures – April 13 – 19, 2017

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P.S. I mentioned when I started these Life in Pictures posts, that I thought it would be a great way for me to slow down and really savor the little things in life. And, it's turned out that taking the time each week to sort through all of the pictures I take of the little moments in our lives has brought a lot of joy, so many smiles, and a deeper experience of gratitude than I had anticipated (even more so than the written/daily gratitude journal I keep).

Anyway, I was listening to a book on Audible today, "The Paradox of Choice: Why More Is Less" by Barry Schwartz, and he said something that made me think of these "Life" posts, and I thought I'd pass it along to you all.

He said that people who "experience and express gratitude" regularly:

1) are physically healthier;

2) are more optimistic about the future;

3) feel better about their lives than those who don't;

4) are more alert;

5) are more enthusiastic;

6) are more energetic; and

7) are more likely to achieve their personal goals.

See, the thing is life is crazy busy for all of us. We are so busy rushing from one thing to another, it's really easy to forget that there are hundreds of moments, encounters, and little things that happen each day that are good, happy, smile-worthy – ya know – little mini blessings (a husband's helping hand, a grandchild's smile, chocolate - yummm, Hello Kitty pink duct tape wrapped garden tools, pretty fabric, sewing, having your quilt frame right next to your washer and dryer, watching two of your favorite people enjoy a bedtime snack . . . ). And, when we forget all those little things that we're missing because we're so busy, life can look start to look really crappy. But, when we take the time to stop and look, well – life's full of little miracles. In fact, it's pretty amazing, and maybe that's why gratitude is so good for us.

Hey, does gratitude for gratitude count? ;)


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