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April 2017

Joining The Hexie Craze and New 30’s Collection Prints

I'm so excited to have added a few new darling prints to the fabric stash family over here.

These are from the 30's Collection by Atsuko Matsuyama by Yuma, and to be honest,

I'm just smitten with all of them

(especially this pink garden labels print)!

And, while searching online for these, I accidently ran into this darling Vintage Baby Panel that I just had to get (please tell me this happens to you when you're shopping sometimes, too ;)!

It's also by Atsuko Matsuyama - so you can see, I mean honestly girls how it accidentally appeared on my Ipad - and also how I couldn't resist it due to it's extreme VINTAGEY CUTENESS factor ;)!  I really can't wait to quilt this up for little Aubrey Grace (our granddaughter who's coming to join the family in July ;).

And, my sweet friend Marilyn, who I met on Instagram, has been stitching up the most darling little hexagon flowers, and she's given me all of her tips on how to make them. So, I've ordered my supplies, they've all arrived,

and I'm ready to join the hexie craze!

And, I'm thinking this sweet little pink print will be the perfect fabric to start with ;)!



Sugar Dish Quilt

I think I'll call her "Sunny" or maybe "Hello Sunshine", because these little Dresden Plates remind me so much of sunshine!

This quilt was a classic case of love at first sight! When I first saw this pattern (Sugar Dish) by Cluck Cluck Sew, I just had to make this quilt. I added a few rows, including an extra row of Dresden Sunshine to make it a little larger.

And, I used "Fresh Air" fabric by American Jane for Moda.

And, although it's made of 30's fabric, it reminded me so much of Spring time (again – those sunny little Dresdens), that I decided to quilt it with my "Butterfly Garden" pantograph!

And, my new Gammil has a fun little feature

that tells the machine running time (it takes a lot longer to quilt with loading, rolling, adjusting, etc.), and the number of quilting stitches in the quilt! So, this quilt took almost 2 ½ hours of quilting time and has almost 95,000 quilting stitches in it :0)!

I think we're going to be snuggling with this one for a long time to come ;)!



Flower Sugar Dish Draining Mats - Tutorial

It really is the little things in life that bring so much joy. And, today, I'm almost giddy over these cute little Dish Draining Mats I made for washing dishes! I'm a firm believer in using your best china and finest silverware (and even cloth napkins) every day, but I can't bring myself to put them in the dishwasher.

So, needless to say, with all the cooking we do around here, I spend a lot of time washing dishes, and these darling little Flower Sugar Maison mats – well, they just made doing dishes a lot sweeter ;)!

Here is a quick tutorial for you, if you'd like to make some! They're Super Cute and Super Simple!


1 – 18" x 24" Rectangle Cotton Canvas

1 – 22" x 28" Rectangle Piece Batting (or 2 for more water absorption)

1 – 22" x 28" Rectangles Muslin

2 – 2 ¼" x WOF for Binding

Basting Spray


1. Layer one piece of muslin on top of the other. Fold the top piece back half way, spray with basting spray and smooth out. Then, fold the bottom of the top piece up half way, spray and smooth out. Repeat this step with your batting, and finally your cotton canvas layer.

2. Quilt as desired. I did a simple cross-hatch, and I used painter's tape to mark my lines so I wouldn't have to draw on the fabric.

3. Trim and bind.

4. Marvel at the darling dish drying mats you made (that are so much cuter than the ones you can buy), when you are washing your dishes ;)!

I even made one for our camper!

Of course we don't have nice dishes in there (though we do have cloth napkins ;) – but, we also don't have a dishwasher, so . . . . ;). This goes perfectly with the Flower Sugar décor I did the camper in last year! I fussy cut some of those darling dishes – might make some fun little tea towels and hot pads for the camper with them ;)!

I just tried one out for the first time with this morning's dishes! They aren't quite as absorbent as the one I got at Bed, Bath, and Beyond – but, plenty absorbent for us and seriously you guys, they win on the Happiness, Cuteness, So Make Me Smile Factor

hands down ;)!