Our Life In Pictures, May 11 – 17, 2017


It's that time of year again

and I'm giddy with excitement! Our first camping trip with friends is coming up!

Last year, I was insanely busy as we converted a covered trailer (completely empty) into our little home away from home. Somehow with all of the painting, floor laying, and stocking of the thing with dishes and such, I did manage to get the curtains and duvet cover made before our camping trip in the mountains of Colorado! Yes, duvet cover – it gets down in the 30's some nights when you're out in the middle of nowhere, mountain land, and there's only so much our Little Buddy heater can handle ;)! I'll see if I can find the pictures, and maybe do a little "Before and After" post soon ;).

But, I didn't get any quilts made for the bed for us to use while we are camping around here.

Time got away from me (again). So, I'm putting these cuties aside for a bit.

Side Note: This is why I have so many pincushions and pins. It's a dirty little secret of mine, but I love pinning and it really does help me to make the finished product neater. I call it "couch work", and try to schedule my projects so that each step is ready for the next pinning stage before I leave the sewing room in the afternoon, then I pin at night while we are watching movies, and they are ready for the machine the next day ;).

Ok, back to camping. Originally, I was going to make one quilt, but I fell so in love with both of these fabrics that I decided to make two (which will be nice to have for cooler evenings anyway ;).

Oddly enough, loving to quilt as I do, I really like whole cloth quilts for beds (picture the contemplating emoji here ;)! And both of these gorgeous Flower Sugar prints by Lecien are so beautiful they sort of scream whole-cloth-quilts

especially with the added touch of this darling "Road Trip" quilting pantograph!

I better scoot, and get to quilting.

Have a great weekend, girls ;)!




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Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts

Have a great time camping! We just got back from a little trip~ enjoyed it to the max!! :-)


They will be so cute, Kelly!! That pantograph is so perfect! Have fun with those darling quilts and a great time camping!! And those little squares beneath your pin cushions are so cute, too! 💕

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