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1930’s Fabric Love

I've been sewing with some fun 1930's reproduction prints by Darlene Zimmerman for Robert Kauffman. I always appreciate blogs that post photos of new fabric, so I can get a really good look at it before buying online, so I thought I'd share these with you in case you feel the same ;) – and also because it's just fun to look at pretty fabric ;)! These are prints from a line called "Penny's Pets" that I just love!

And, these cuties, are from her line called "Birds of Liberty" – super bright and cheery!

Back when I first started sewing (many moons ago), I had a real love affair with 30's prints, and sewed with them quite a bit! Then, I sort of fell out of love, and moved on to different fabrics! But, last year when I started sewing the Farm Girl quilts, well – I kind of fell back in love! Do you all do that? Fall in and out of love with fabric, then back in love again?
Hope you all are having a great week ;)!



Fleurs, Gurnsey & Cheery Solids

How was your week ladies? Is it in the air, or just in the Show Me State, or all in the family here? It was crazy for all of us. Our son has finals and a thirty page paper on Partisanship and Incarceration Rates due today (fascinating, huh ;), our daughter is working on fixing up their house and stressed (but also excited), my husband's busy season at work has kicked in and he's got too much on his plate (owning your own business isn't always all it's cracked up to be), meanwhile I'm adjusting to spending more time here blogging, creating new patterns and such (which is so much fun ;), but it is an adjustment time-wise! And, in the middle of it all, since I had half my stash out for this project (okay not ½, but a lot of it), I decided to reorganize my sewing room

(it really was a mess).

I wish I was one of those calm, neat orderly types who gets one fabric out at a time (or even just a few), cuts and folds them neatly and puts them back, but alas – I am me, and when inspiration strikes the fabric and thread start flying, and things get messy (FAST)!

I'm still working on that new project (I'm SEW excited about this one), but, not much sewing to show you yet, so I thought I'd share some new fabric that I've added to the stash over the last few months. I love really soft, pastel, romantic cottage-y type fabric. And, Brenda Riddle, well, she designs some of the prettiest ones out there:

Meet "Fleurs"

and "Gurnsey"

Aren't they pretty? And, I also added some basics to the stash ( I'll need these for the new projects I'm planning for this year)

this is the Lori Holt solids bundle, and

this is the Vintage Crayola solids bundle by Riley Blake. It's cloudy here today, so the photos don't really do them justice, but they're bright, cheery, and prettier than I expected for just solids ;)! Well, I better get back to cleaning.

Hope you all have a great weekend!



Joining The Hexie Craze and New 30’s Collection Prints

I'm so excited to have added a few new darling prints to the fabric stash family over here.

These are from the 30's Collection by Atsuko Matsuyama by Yuma, and to be honest,

I'm just smitten with all of them

(especially this pink garden labels print)!

And, while searching online for these, I accidently ran into this darling Vintage Baby Panel that I just had to get (please tell me this happens to you when you're shopping sometimes, too ;)!

It's also by Atsuko Matsuyama - so you can see, I mean honestly girls how it accidentally appeared on my Ipad - and also how I couldn't resist it due to it's extreme VINTAGEY CUTENESS factor ;)!  I really can't wait to quilt this up for little Aubrey Grace (our granddaughter who's coming to join the family in July ;).

And, my sweet friend Marilyn, who I met on Instagram, has been stitching up the most darling little hexagon flowers, and she's given me all of her tips on how to make them. So, I've ordered my supplies, they've all arrived,

and I'm ready to join the hexie craze!

And, I'm thinking this sweet little pink print will be the perfect fabric to start with ;)!



Cookie Exchange Christmas Quilt

Okay, this is another Christmas quilt that I'm super excited about! It is made with this darling

"Cookie Exchange" fabric. And, the ladies at Sweetwater have created some adorable custom embroidery blocks. They did this last year, and I was so disappointed that I missed out.

But, I'm super excited to be part of this new one-with this darling fabric. The custom blocks are shipping sometime in June. I will be sure to post as soon as they arrive!

It's going to be a pretty Christmas here at "The Guy" household – assuming I get all my sewing done ;)!



Cozy Christmas Quilt Along Here I Come!

What's a girl to do when she's finished all of her Farm Girl blocks, and is feeling a little blue? Well, she starts getting all of her fabric together for the next super fun quilt along! I can't wait to start this fun Cozy Christmas quilt in August!

Here are my very favorite prints from the line!

I think I'm all ready to go ;)!

Those are my background, borders, and binding fabric (oh and a little brown for the gingerbread man and house ;)! And, aren't these Sew Simple Shapes just darling!

Oh, I can hardly wait ;)!



Vintage Dishes in Princess Rose

Did you know that scientists have isolated the gene in women who start, and actually finish, one quilt project before they start another one?


Ya - I didn't get it!

I've been dying to make this "Vintage Dishes" quilt by Bee In My Bonnet, and have been thinking this gorgeous Princess Rose fabric by Lecien would be darling for it!  Have you all seen the Greeengate dishes?  They have a gorgeous mix of florals, ginghams, and polka dots.  I don't have any, but I love them.  So, that was the idea behind this combo of Princess Rose and Vintage dishes.

Here's my test set of blocks! I think this blue is a little too dark, but other than that, it's exactly what I was hoping for – sort of a Greengate, gorgeous mix of floral and gingham. And, in some future dish sets, I'll have floral and polka dots!

Yup, pretty, Greengate looking china – but, in quilty goodness! It doesn't get much better than that. 



Fun Fabric Finds!

Okay, I promised I'd be back with my fabric finds in Hamilton, and here they are. First up is my very favorite of the day


Have you all seen this? It's "Boujelais" by Riley Black, and it's absolutely gorgeous! So pretty, it went into a display bin ;)!

I looked up the term, and Beaujolais is a region in France and also the name for a dry, fruity red wine – yum! I have a design in mind for this, and can't wait to sew with it!

Also a favorite of the day

"Winter Wonderland" by Camelot! I'm thinking this will make a darling quilt and pillow covers for January

I mean come on – look at these darling polar bears! And, BE STILL, my ever-pink-loving heart

a PINK snowflake print to go with all those adorable woodland creatures! I can't wait to sew and have designs in mind for this fabric, too!

And, just because you can never have enough of those bright and cheery 30's prints, well

and, last but certainly not least was the new "Mama Said So" by Sweetwater!

I love their fabric. I'm making a quilt for my husband with several lines from Sweetwater now! Oh, and I got in this year on their personalized quilt blocks that will go with the "Cookie Exchange" fabric! Now, I can use the leftovers and these fun sewing prints to make a quilt for me to match his ;)!!

Another HUGE thanks to my wonderful husband for buying me all of these lovely fabrics!  I'm blessed beyond words to be his wife ;)