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Strawberry Cream Pie Block

True story


I love baking pies almost as much as I love eating them!


I love desserts – period. But, pies are one of my favorites!

So, I just had to draw up this little Strawberry Cream Pie block to go in my now "urban" Vintage Farm Girl" quilt! My real rolling pin has red handles, but since I'm trying to make my quilt with softer colors, I opted for this light blue recipe print from "Bake Sale" by Lori Holt!

I'm loving how it turned out – makes me want to go bake some pie ;)



Vintage Farm Girl – Having So Much Fun

Oh my gosh –


I've been having SO much fun with the Vintage Farm Girl Quilt!


 I started out making two of all of my favorite blocks – not really sure what I'd do with the extra 9" blocks at the time (doing mine in 9 inchers ;)!


Well, as I showed all these darling blocks to my daughter, Kate, she just loved them! She and her husband have some farm ground, and they're hoping to eventually leave nursing and farm full-time!

Kismet, I say ;) – what a perfect gift for her for Mother's Day this year – a Vintage Farm Girl quilt! She loves all the "farmy" things (like the barn and animals) so they're all going into her quilt!

Which meant, I needed a few extra blocks to put back in my quilt which has sort of become what I'm calling an "Urban Vintage Farm Girl" quilt!

I really like to personalize my quilts, and I've had a ball designing some fun blocks for this one! I changed my patchwork quilt block to a patchwork heart – because it really is the heart of love behind all the cooking, canning, ya know the work we do that gives it meaning and joy and makes the ride worthwhile. And, also – I am an incurable romantic ;)!

Books are such a big part of my life! I mean I love books almost as much as I love fabric, maybe more on some days! I love all kinds of books – recipe books, sewing books, spiritual books, fun – take you away for a day fiction books, decorating books! I decorate with books all over the house – stacks with something cute on top – very fun cottage décor! So, I knew my quilt wouldn't be complete without a stack of books in there!

And, neither of our quilts would be complete without cake!

For Kate's quilt, because she decorates the most beautiful cakes! We took a cake decorating class together a few years back and she's amazing at it! Me, eh, not so much –

but, I do love to EAT cake! So, my quilt needed some cakey goodness, too ;)!



Vintage Dishes in Princess Rose

Did you know that scientists have isolated the gene in women who start, and actually finish, one quilt project before they start another one?


Ya - I didn't get it!

I've been dying to make this "Vintage Dishes" quilt by Bee In My Bonnet, and have been thinking this gorgeous Princess Rose fabric by Lecien would be darling for it!  Have you all seen the Greeengate dishes?  They have a gorgeous mix of florals, ginghams, and polka dots.  I don't have any, but I love them.  So, that was the idea behind this combo of Princess Rose and Vintage dishes.

Here's my test set of blocks! I think this blue is a little too dark, but other than that, it's exactly what I was hoping for – sort of a Greengate, gorgeous mix of floral and gingham. And, in some future dish sets, I'll have floral and polka dots!

Yup, pretty, Greengate looking china – but, in quilty goodness! It doesn't get much better than that. 



Cherry Cheesecake – Oh My!

This quilt was my first big applique project. I've done a little applique here and there, but an entire quilt of hand applique – well that was going to be a fun challenge. I fell in love with this pattern "Cherry Cheesecake" the moment I first laid eyes on it. I loved the colors Lori of Bee In My Bonnet used, but they don't really match the pastel/cottage theme of our house. So, I was excited to try this one in softer colors!

And, I'm so glad I did. I actually ended up really enjoying the hand applique (though hand embroidery is still my favorite)!

Here it is laid out

I just really love this one – can't wait to quilt it ;)



Cross Roads Quilt Along Here I Come

Okay, honestly – I need to start another project like I need another hole in my head, but have you seen the Crossroads quilt! I mean it's gorgeous! And, it's for a good cause too, benefiting the March of Dimes, and the quilt along is being hosted by Fat Quarter Shop. Try as I might to resist, this quilt was calling my name

I'm using a combo of Windermere and Ambleside fabric lines by Brenda Riddle of Acorn Quilts for Moda! Oh how I love me some Brenda Riddle fabric! Anyway, aren't these log cabins just too sweet?

It's still not too late to join the fun girls ;)



Happy Campers Sewing Machine Cover

So, we bought a covered trailer that we're converting into a camper. We love getting away from everything and getting back to nature. In a word, we love camping! And, beings as we are almost empty nesters now, well, we're hoping to take that camper out and see the world ;)

And, my husband built me a sewing table/cabinet for the living room, so I can sew some in the evenings, and still get to watch movies with the guys. We were fine with everything, except we didn't want the sewing machine "out", ya know looking all mechanical and such, in our cozy living room!

and this darling Camper cover just seemed to fit. The pattern is by Janine at Rainbow Hare on Etsy. I did make several modifications, and added embroidery to make it "our" camper ;) And, I just love how it turned out

I'm still trying to talk my husband into pink gingham curtains for our real camper :0)!!

So here's to us happy campers

and some exciting adventures ahead!



Tammy’s Quilt

I've been working on a fun little quilt I designed for my friend, Tammy with those adorable panels from the Modern Minis line by Bee In My Bonnet for Riley Blake.

I've never done scrappy sashing before, but I ended up loving it – and will definitely use it again ;)

This has been such a fun quilt to work on! Can't wait to get it quilted and give it to her ;)



Vintage Bird Pillows - Winter

Since the first set turned out so cute, I had to make another set of those darling vintage bird pillows to go with our winter duvet.

I do just love these romantic little birds. He goes to a lot of work, singing and such to woo her

And then, she woos him right back with a fine feast ;)

I chose some 3 Sisters fabric from my stash, to coordinate with our duvet cover that I made out of Chocolat by 3 Sisters.

Loving this set as much as the summer pillows ;)



Vintage Bird Pillows for Summer

Whew, it was a busy holiday season, with so many fun things going on. I did manage to squeeze in some embroidery, and made the fun vintage bird pillows.

I chose some pretty Tanya Whelan fabric that coordinates with the quilt I made with her fabrics a few years back

Here they are all finished


and after

I just love how a couple of sweet pillows can change the look and feel of the whole room ;)



Pretty Little Chair Cushions

I stitched up some pretty little cushions for the chairs in my sewing room


I made the patchwork for another project using all of my cutie patootie Tasha Noel fabric (Vintage Market, Country Girl, The Simple Life).  But, like happens sometimes, I didn't end up liking the patchwork for that project, but thought it would make some adorable little cushions for those very hard wood chairs!


Waste not, want not!  Just love how these little cuties turned out - and hours in the sewing chair are much more comfortable, too!